It’s All About Community

The best thing we can do for people with disabilities and families of children with special needs is to help them overcome isolation and loneliness.

At the House at the Gilboa, Orthodox Jewish women with special needs live and work independently in a community of peers. It is a promising model for helping young Jewish adults with disabilities build confidence and self-esteem. It is just one of many initiatives we support whose goal is to promote social networks for people with special needs. At the House at the Gilboa, women with disabilities build their confidence and independence by living and working together in an agricultural setting and selling their produce.

Parents of children with special needs deserve support and encouragement, too. Parents United is a project to give parents the training and the tools they need to help their children lead productive lives integrated within the broader community. Parents United will foster a network of empowerment for parents of children with special needs, to help them learn from and support each other, as well as fortify and raise their voice in the community. Empowering parents of special needs children to be pro-active in raising their children and to build a shared community among themselves is what Parents United is all about. It’s a project of the Israeli nonprofit Kesher, supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, JDC-Israel, the Yosftal Institute, and the Ruderman Family Foundation.


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