New Modern Orthodox Day School Opening in Baltimore … with Benefits for All

In these days of economic setbacks, it’s always good to hear of a new Jewish day school opening its doors.

The Baltimore Jewish Times has just reported that the new Modern Orthodox Ohr Chadash Academy will open next month at the Park Heights Jewish Community Center, former home to the Yeshivat Rambam which closed in June.

Ohr Chadash is set to host kindergarteners through sixth-graders with 90 students expected to enroll in its first year. And projected growth over the next two years includes seventh and eighth grades. The average class size: 14 students. An added bonus: Thanks to generous community members, students in grades 4, 5 and 6 will have iPads that have been loaded with free educational applications.

So far so good. But what jumped out at me is the fact that, even before it opens, Ohr Chadash has already formed a working partnership with Shemesh, a local organization dedicated to providing services and support for students with learning disabilities.

More than the prime location, the denominational niche or the loaded iPads, that one factor seems to me to predict success for the new school.

Even in these economically perilous times, it’s this partnership, reflecting the new school’s willingness to invest in — and actively welcome — students with a variety of learning styles and challenges that bodes well for its success.

—                                                                    — Jay Ruderman


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