A Moving Mother’s Tale

By Jay Ruderman

Want to understand what it’s like to have a son with autism on the verge of manhood? You won’t want to miss this powerful piece by author Susan Senator, which recently ran in the Washington Post.

Senator is honest about the frustrations, the service gaps and the toll taken from 24/7 advocacy for her child.  But, between the lines, the reader can feel the strength of her steadfast commitment and her pride in this challenging-but-beloved son.   It’s being reminded of difficult journeys like Senator and her family that keeps us all inspired and focused on working for this underserved branch of our people, those who live with disabilities every day. As they do the very best they can against what can feel like insurmountable odds, we are bound by our tradition to do no less than meet them halfway, to lend a hand so they don’t feel so alone.

— Jay Ruderman


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One response to “A Moving Mother’s Tale

  1. Debbie

    Her story reminded me of my own – though my son has less severe problems, and we live in Israel, but the constant need to search, fight, advocate, learn, think and work, work, work is common to all us who care and relentlessly act on behalf of our children with special needs. She described it so honestly – people call you a tiger but it’s not what you feel you are. More power to her that she has the guts to put her feelings and experience in words in a national paper, to inspire and educate others.
    Kol hakavod seems like so little to say to the Ruderman’s for their support and understanding of the desperate need to be met halfway – to know that someone else cares too, and is willing to offer a helping hand.

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