REELAbilitiesBoston to Provide Window into the World of Disabilities Feb. 2-8

By Guest Blogger Jeffrey B. Remz, Communications/Marketing Manager, The Boston Jewish Film Festival
    After showing films about Israel, the Holocaust and interesting people who have influenced Jewish life through the ages, the chance for The Boston Jewish Film Festival to participate in the first annual REELAbilitiesBOSTON Film Festival is both enlightening and exciting.
    REELAbilitiesBOSTON will consist of six films about people with various disabilities – blindness, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and amputees – at Boston area venues from Feb.2-8. The Festival includes one Jewish-based film, the Argentinean film “Anita.” The other five films are “My Spectacular Theater” (a Chinese film about blind people), “War Eagle, Arkansas,” (a feature length movie about a star high school pitcher who stutters and his wheelchair-bound best friend with cerebral palsy), “Shooting Beauty,” (a documentary about a photographer who works with people having cerebral palsy to express themselves through photography), “Snow Cake” (with Sigourney Weaver as a mother with autism) and “Warrior Champions” (a documentary about Iraqi War veteran amputees competing to be on the Beijing-bound U.S. Paralympic team).
    Disabilities know no religious or geographic bounds. We think it is important to be able to show such films to the broader community. The bottom line is that these are universal themes, of appeal to all. REELAbilities festivals previously have been held in New York City, Washington, D.C, Cincinnati and Atlanta. Others are slated for Chicago, Philadelphia and Richmond. We are most appreciative of the support of the Ruderman Family Foundation, a long-time proponent of disabilities issues, for helping making REELAbilitiesBOSTON possible.
    In the short amount of time that we have been talking with people, organizations and agencies about REELAbilitiesBOSTON, the response has been uniformly upbeat, positive and supportive. We hope the Festival will enlighten the audience about people with disabilities.  In fact, these films make clear that in most ways, those with disabilities are no different than anyone else.
     We are proud to be hosting REELAbilitiesBOSTON and hope that those within and outside the disabilities communities will enjoy the movies and learn from them.
     For a full schedule of featured films,  click here.
   — Jeffrey B. Remz

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