From Taxis to Computers: Asperger’s Success Comes to Copenhagen


Just in case we begin to think that the challenges of living with disabilities – and the answers we all seek – are somewhat specific to our own place and time, here’s an inspiring story from across the globe (published by Spiegel Online International) that dramatically reminds us of the universal nature of the issue, and the power of community to transform lives.

Here’s the opening paragraph. To see the entire article, click on the link above.

“After working at the CERN research center near Geneva for a decade, where he was part of efforts to understand the origins of the universe, 49-year-old physicist Niels Kjaer returned home to his native Copenhagen. There were no newspaper job listings for people with Ph.D.s in particle physics, and he had no contacts at local universities. Since Kjaer has difficulty interacting with others, he decided to take a job driving a taxi in Copenhagen. “Okay, fine,” he told himself, “I’ll just work the night shift.” Within six months, he was suffering from depression.”

— Jay Ruderman


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