Love: The Universal Language

Dear Friends,

Every once in a while you encounter something so moving it that transcends nationality, ability and language. This video is such an experience. It was recorded in Hebrew but needs no translation.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we have.

— Jay Ruderman



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One response to “Love: The Universal Language

  1. This is indeed an incredible story that defies words….But this is only part of the story. Shaul and Neta met at a “singles’ social event” sponsored by a non-profit organization that Shaul established. Shaul grew up in a socially inclusive community with a very welcoming group of friends. They felt equals – until all his friends got married. A few years ago Shaul and a friend created a platform for people with disabilities to meet, and Shaul and Neta are the first couple to get married through this incredible organization.

    For more information about Inbar – the organization which sponsors social events and matchmaking for adults with disabilities, see our website:—english

    Here is a link to the video with English subtitles:,7340,L-4257976,00.html

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