Comprehensive Inclusion in Saint Petersburg

Dear Friends,

We have been introducing you to the recipients of the 2012 Ruderman Prize in Disability, each of which is demonstrating innovative ways to break down the barriers that all too often exclude people with disabilities and their families from their rightful communities.

Among the 170 applicants there were so many worthy organizations doing important work that the selection of ten was challenging for the judges. Those selected represent a wide range of inclusionary initiatives. By the time you read the last of these blogs you will no doubt come away impressed by the variety of innovative high-impact projects that exist around the globe.

Today we present the third in our series of profiles of the 2012 Ruderman Prize recipients.


Adain Lo offers formal and informal Jewish educational programs for children, families, youth and young adults at the Jewish Family Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Adain Lo impressed our panel of judges by their commitment to inclusion in all their activities. People with disabilities in Russia are still routinely excluded from many opportunities but Adain Lo is leading the way towards an inclusive society, including integrating children with disabilities into their eight kindergarten classes, as well as night school and religious educations classes. And they walk the talk inside their organization: Adain Lo was among the first Jewish organizations in that part of the world to hire people with disabilities.

From all of us here at the Ruderman Family Foundation, congratulations to Adain Lo and the entire Jewish community in Saint Petersburg for their pioneering work in inclusion.

— Jay Ruderman

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