Vertigo: The Power of an Inclusive Dance Company

Dear Friends,

Each week we introduce you to one of the ten recipients of the 2012 Ruderman Prize in Disability.  They each illustrate innovative methods of breaking down the barriers between people with disabilities and their communities.  Today we present the fourth in our series of profiles.

Vertigo Dance Company is an acclaimed Jerusalem-based dance company which performs in Israel and beyond.  Vertigo designed its Power of Balance program for professional dancers to develop a new, innovative language of movement together with their colleagues with disabilities.  The goal is to challenge stereotypes and prejudices in the community that limit the quality of life and inclusion into society of all people with disabilities.
The program has opened a new venue of expression for dancers with disabilities, providing them with renewed energy, increased self-esteem, and employment opportunities both as dancers and instructors.  Power of Balance has been performed in schools, community centers, and in local and international festivals.

Vertigo Dance Company stood out to our judges because they are a highly regarded dance company that includes people with mixed abilities in many of their activities. They recognize that dancers do not have to stand on legs or move with complete artistry to have grace and the power to communicate their reality to audiences of all ages and abilities.

From all of us here at the Ruderman Family Foundation, congratulations to the Vertigo Dance Company for their barrier-breaking work in the performing arts.

— Jay Ruderman


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