Shalva’s Good Will Ambassadors for Disabilities

Dear Friends,
Each week we introduce you to another of the ten recipients of the 2012 Ruderman Prize in Disability.  They all illustrate innovative methods of breaking down the barriers between people with disabilities and their communities.  Today we present the fifth in our series of profiles.
Shalva: The Center for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children and Their Families in Israel is one of the oldest disability organizations in the country.  Shalva’s mission, to connect children with disabilities (and their parents and siblings) with their communities in creative people-to-people ways, is accomplished through early intervention programs, camps, and educational opportunities, among other transformative initiatives.
Shalva’s “Special Interview Project” is the specific initiative we are recognizing with the Ruderman Prize.  It represents an innovative partnership between Shalva and YNet, Israel’s largest electronic news source.  In this project two young adults, one with Down syndrome and the other with an intellectual disability, travel the country (and more recently the United States) interviewing prominent men and women. In the process, Matanei Bitton and Efat Dotan have become something of celebrities themselves, engendering appreciation and acceptance wherever they go.
The Special Interview Project impressed our judges with the interviewers’ openness and warmth and the poignancy of their interviews with prominent Israelis. The impact such human interaction has on Israeli society is considerable, thanks to YNet’s popularity.
From all of us here at the Ruderman Family Foundation, congratulations to Shalva for their barrier-breaking work in Israeli journalism.
— Jay Ruderman

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One response to “Shalva’s Good Will Ambassadors for Disabilities

  1. Congrats to all of these great groups. May they continue to do great things for others!

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