Norwood Ravenswood: A Model of Inclusion for Great Britain and Beyond


For the last few months we have been telling you about each of the recipients of the 2012 Ruderman Prize in Disability. Today in our final installment we introduce Norwood Ravenswood, the UK’s largest Jewish charity supporting children, families and adults with a range of disabilities in their quest for full inclusion and independence.

Each year the 217-year-old organization provides over 100 support services in London and Southeast England to some 7,000 people, including: family counseling and referrals, special education programs, after-school clubs, respite care for families, adoption services, supported housing and lifelong learning opportunities.

We especially recognize Norwood Ravenswood’s exemplary employment program, which provides advocacy, skill development, training, apprenticeship and job placement services. It also works directly with employers and the larger community to combat societal prejudice.  The result: many more people can now enjoy the dignity and self-sufficiency that only a job can give.

The Ruderman Prize judges were impressed by Norwood Ravenswood’s multiple innovations in services for individuals of all ages with intellectual disabilities. Their commitment to ensuring that the individual comes first is reflected in their person-centered planning approach, training, apprenticeship and placement programs, and their encouragement of broad participation in community-based employment.

From all of us at the Ruderman Family Foundation, congratulations to Norwood Ravenswood for your groundbreaking work with Britain’s Jewish community.

— Jay Ruderman


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