The Nalaga’at Center is coming to New York City!

By Guest Blogger Talia Winokur, the Nalaga’at Center

This January, New York City audiences will have the chance to experience a unique social and artistic enterprise – the Nalaga’at Center. The Center — based in the Israeli port of Jaffa — is a meeting place for people who are deaf, blind, deaf-blind, sighted and hearing.

The Nalaga’at Center is also home to the Nalaga’at Theater, the only theater in the world with actors who are deaf-blind. The 22 ensemble actors mount two productions: “Not by Bread Alone,” the theater’s highly acclaimed show which has been running for over four years, and “Luna Park,” the new production now in trial runs.

Both shows open a window into the special inner world of people who are both deaf and blind, living in a darkness and stillness that is unimaginable to most.

 Now “Not by Bread Alone” is set to be performed at the Skirball Center in Manhattan from January 16 through February 3. The show, a magical journey that spans various stories, dreams and locations, has been performed in Israel, South Korea and London — where it has received rave reviews. One critic called it  “a test of theater itself, the way good work can communicate across the boundaries of darkness and silence.”  (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian)

The Nalaga’at Center is also home to two extraordinary culinary venues: Kapish Café, where all waiters are deaf and communicate with the guests in sign language, teaching them a different form of communication; and the BlackOut, where the guests dine in absolute darkness and the waiters, who are all blind, serve as their guides in the unknown territory of no-vision. Replicas of both Kapish Café and the BlackOut restaurant will also be built at the Skirball Center, serving the public before and after the show.

All of us at the Nalaga’at Center invite you to join us for these unique and powerful experiences.  For more information, click here.  


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