Announcing the 2013 Ruderman Prize in Disability


In this special edition of Zeh Lezeh today I want to share the worldwide announcement of the 2013 Ruderman Prize in Disability.  The following press release was sent all over the globe, and we are already seeing interest from Jewish communities in Rwanda, Fiji, and the Netherlands—among many others.

We excited about the buzz the Prize is generating, and look forward to receiving applications from excellent and innovative programs that will inspire our community to an ever greater dedication to inclusion.

–Jay Ruderman

Second Annual Ruderman Prize Will Celebrate International Work on Inclusion

Newton, MA (February 10, 2013) Ruderman Family Foundation President Jay Ruderman today announced the launch of the 2013 Ruderman Prize in Disability, its second year, which will provide $250,000 in funding to recognize  innovative programs and services that foster full inclusion of people with disabilities in the Jewish community worldwide.  The $50,000 awards will be given to five organizations that work in the disability arena, serve those in the Jewish community, and actively champion inclusion in their work.

“This year’s Ruderman Prize in Disability will again celebrate exemplars in inclusion, which by example accelerate innovations for people with disabilities and energize the global Jewish community to work toward those ideals,” said Jay Ruderman, President of the Ruderman Family Foundation.  “We believe this competition will generate new attention to the issue and spur new ambitions, as we work toward our goal of the full inclusion of people with disabilities in the Jewish community, so that these individuals have the same employment, social, and religious opportunities as those without disabilities.”

In June, the Foundation awarded $200,000 total to ten organizations.  The Foundation received over 150 applications representing seven countries.  The Ruderman Prize recognizes organizations for exemplary existing initiatives rather than making grants for new programs.

The application form for the awards is available on the Foundation’s website.  Submissions are due on March 18 and winners will be announced in May.

The Ruderman Family Foundation is dedicated to creating and promoting innovation that fosters inclusion of people with disabilities in the Jewish community and Israel.

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