Pushing Towards The Tipping Point

Jay RudermanBy: Jay Ruderman

Those of us who advocate for the full inclusion of people with disabilities in our community have made tremendous progress over the last few years, but we still have much work to do until we reach the point where the value of inclusion has become an integrated and accepted value of our entire community. I am proud of the role our foundation has played in this process and we intend to continue to seek a leadership role in the promotion of inclusion as an indispensable Jewish value. We believe that this blog continues to play an important role in making the case for inclusion. Today’s post represents our 300th post and we are proud of the tens of authors we have featured.

No one of us alone will be successful in reaching the tipping point where inclusion is an accepted value in our community. The advocacy for inclusion should be a combined effort of all of us who make up the disability community: self-advocates, families, siblings, NGOs, community organizations, funders, activists, employers, elected officials, governmental agencies and religious leaders. In short, a combined effort that brings together all segments of our society into a powerful network which will speak in a loud and clear voice that the inclusion of people with disabilities in our community will make us a better community for all and will bring us to the tipping point. Our foundation is actively exploring the creation of such a network, so stay tuned here for updates.

Work TogetherYou may be asking yourself: Yes but what can I do now, today, to promote a more inclusive community? Well, for one, I encourage you to share our blog posts widely to your contacts and communities. Share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and anywhere else you find appropriate (and follow our foundation on social media).

Additionally, if you are not engaged on social media, join today! The creation of a network that will change our community’s values to become more inclusive depends on all of us becoming active on social media and reaching the largest audience possible. Our voice must be multiplied and heard loud and clear by our entire community.

I want to thank all of you for your readership, advocacy and friendship. The advocacy for inclusion will necessitate all of us working together. I firmly believe that if we work together, we will accomplish our collective goal: the creation of a fair and flourishing community.

Jay Ruderman is the President of the Ruderman Family Foundation. Engage with Jay on Twitter and join the conversation on Facebook.




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