About the Contributors

Jay Ruderman is the president of the Ruderman Family Foundation, which focuses on improving the lives of people with special needs in the Greater Boston area and Israel, and works to improve the relationship between American Jewry and Israel. An attorney, Jay has previously served as the deputy director of AIPAC in New England. After moving to Israel with his family in 2005, Jay enlisted in the IDF and became the liaison between the IDF and Diaspora Jewry.

Jo Ann Simons is the President/CEO of Cardinal Cushing Centers, Inc., and has been a champion supporter for children and adults with developmental disabilities for almost 30 years. She has previously held positions as the Chair of the National Down Syndrome Society, as Executive Director at The Arc of East Middlesex, and as a board member at Special Olympics Inc. She has been active in her field on the state, national and international levels, and lectures on transition, employment, housing and parenting issues regarding people with developmental disabilities.