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In the Eye of the Beholder


An interesting and enjoyable part of my work at the Ruderman Family Foundation (RFF) is reviewing the short videos periodically forwarded to us by colleagues and friends.

This week our colleague Rotem Weiner at Lotem sent us the link to a video from the UK that generated surprising controversy in the RFF team.  Some of us found it deeply touching, while others were more than a little uncomfortable with the messages it conveys about people who are blind.  We find this is often how we learn the most about varying perceptions of disability issues: from honest disagreement among trusted colleagues.

You can view the less-than-two-minute video, “The Power of Words,” here.

What do you think? Does this video impart positive or negative messages about people with disabilities?  We invite you to join our conversation by posting your comment below.

And as we approach the new calendar year, the Ruderman family sends you warm wishes for a fully inclusive 2013.

–Jay Ruderman


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